Table of content:

•  The Concept

•  The Room

•  The Books

•  The Rest

•  Practical informations

The Concept


We love photography
we love books
we are fulfilled of passions
and we love to share it all!

The Room


Beside the shelves full of books, we use four different layers to organize temporary thematic collection

Not properly exhibitions, but a closer and insightful look on the topics or authors we want to talk about.

The Books

Probably you have already realized it: we are so much involved in contemporary photography, and the photobook is one of the best medium to enjoy it

Here in ONEROOM you can find some of the best photobooks published since the ’60s, from hard to find first edition to the latest releases

And if we don’t have the book you want available, we’ll find it for you worldwide

So, now the question is:
Which passion you want to comply, today?


Practical Informations

We are open
4 pm – 7 pm

or when you need us

Give us a call and schedule your appointment

We are located in
Piazza dei Satiri 55
00186 Roma

call us: +39 338 7229120
mail us:

We are proudly photobooks lovers!

ONEROOM is a little bookstore totally devoted to contemporary photography located in the center of Rome, in between Campo de Fiori and Piazza Navona

We intend photography as language, not as technique
So we don’t sell manuals…

We aim to share knowledge through and about photobooks

But most of all we are curious about the world, and we are always looking for new eyes to experience it!


A room to feed up your passions
and let them grow!


The Window

Our main aperture to the world
open 24\7

The Big Shelve

Is the space where we set up and arrange our thoughts and collections in a more organic way

The Desk

To host and promote our newest arrivals

The Panel

Not only books
We love prints too…

The Rest

Books are wonderful, but they are not everything

We have prints too

Mostly little editions made just for us by talented artists from all around the world

Tired of photography?

Take a seat on our comfortable armchairs and relax

Here in ONEROOM we are crazy about design and vintage furniture
so maybe you can find the right armchair, lamp or little table even for YOUR ROOM